Regular maintenace & servicing of outboards

Like any other, Outboard engines require regular servicing and maintenance in order for them to remain in prime working order. Small ones are easy to deal with as they can be removed from your boat and brought to us. Larger ones may need heavy lifting gear to properly service so you may have to bring the boat to us.

Many older outboards are two-stroke engines which are liable to a build-up oily deposits in the fuel system which can cause breakdowns, erratic running, poor starting and other problems. Four stroke engines have different needs.  All outboard engines should be regularly serviced and that dosen’t just mean the power unit – the gearbox needs attention too. This is why the engine needs to be removed from the water to properly service.


  • Winter Storage of outboards
  • Serving and repair
  • Outboard fault finding
  • Two and Four Stroke
  • We buy & sell outboards
  • Lubrication of all controls
  • Outboard installation
  • Control cables & steering

Contact Kingfisher to service and repair your outboard engine.