Preparing for Winter

Each winter, you should carry out routine maintenance on your boat to ensure that the cold weather does not damage it. The process of winterisatioin can be quite ardous and can take in many aspects of your boat that you might not consider.

At the very least, you need to drain down all the water systems to ensure that freezing temperatures don't rupture vital components. But have you considered end-of-season cleaning, removal of soft furnishings, engine servicing and frost protection, pump-outs and more?

Let Kingfisher Boat Services carry out your boat's winterisation and subsequent re-instatement for the next season. We can carry out a full winterisation programme or handle just the technical aspects that you'd prefer not to do.

  • End of Season engine servicing
  • Battery Charging & Storage
  • Outboard storage
  • Engine Winterisation
  • End of Season cleaning
  • Full water drain down
  • Applying winter covers
  • Installing moisture traps

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