A fresh new waterline really tidys your boat up.

Regular lifting and antifouling should be a staple part of your boat maintenance. It gives you a chance to clean and inspect the hull for damage and osmosis, and a regular opportunity to put on a fresh coat of protective antifoul, even if it’s repainting the wind and water area to smarten up the waterline.

It is important to appreciate that there’s a significant cost to slipping a boat from the river so we always take the opportunity to inspect the underwater equipment when the vessel is ashore so as to save any additional costs on the boat owner at a later date if something fails.  It is also an ideal time to replace any gland packing, sea-cocks, strainers that require attention.

Our antifouling process is as follows and is charged at just £12 per linear foot.

  • Slip Boat (or lift if small)
  • Steam Clean hull
  • Inspect for damage / osmosis
  • Inspect underwater equipment
  • Apply new antifoul
  • Re-slip boat

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