A small selection of boat repair and maintenance projects undertaken by staff from Kingfisher Boat Services. In addition to these types of structural repair tasks, we are skilled in many areas of marine engineering and maintenance. Hover and click on each image to learn more about the kind of boat repair projects we are able to undertake

Extensive rebuild on 40ft Cruiser

Aston Bourne 40

Built by Astons of Loddon in around 1974 for holiday fleet this vessel needed significant restoration.

The plywood roof was rotting away leading to damp pentration in the bulkheads, other bulkheads were rotting from the bottom where previous work had been botched. Though solid, this poor old girl needed extensive work to secure her future before damage went too far. New Boat Roof

Repair and repaint

Seamaster 813

Having suffered being holled by bowsprit, this Seamaster 813 was in need of a punture repair and a full repaint.

Hull Repair and Repaint
Rot in boat flooring

Wood Rot

One day, the floor gave way!

The positioning of two deck drains had not been given enough thought which resulted in the rotting fungus gaining a strong hold on the floor beams.
How we cured the Rot

Replacing boat's bulkheads

Damaged Bulkheads

Poor design and a leaky shower tray caused these bulkheads to deteriorate.

We cut out the damaged areas and installed new wood to make it as good as new
How we replaced the bulkheads