Seamaster 813 - GRP repairs and repaint

Damaged in a collision with a yacht, this Seamaster 813 was holed in the starboard side. The wound was initially covered with a large vent. Once out of the water, the hull was steam cleaned and work began repairing the hole alongside a number of filling a fairing all other scuffs on the boat in preparation for a full hull repaint and antifoul.

The aft corner protector plates had taken a real battering and so these were removed and repaired before refitting and relaunching.

This project was carried out during the summer, so much of the preparation work was carried out in the open air to keep dust down to a minimum in our shed. All final painting work was carried out undercover in a more controlled environment to prevent moisture puckering the paint during the curing process.

Similar jobs can be undertaken throughout the year in our boat shed.

Kingfisher would welcome the opportunity to quote for your GRP repair, painting and antifouling work. Please contact us for a discussion of your needs.